I decided there wasn't enough stuff on the interwebs about fat girl problems. Submit if you feel so inclined.

Anonymous asked: this... isn't funny at all. I thought this would be something I could relate to, but it's just about eating a ton. I'm overweight because I have hypothyroidism and I can't relate to ANY of these (except the friends running & getting left behind one), even though I'm 50 pounds overweight. People like you make me self conscious to eat in public even if it's not excessive. This really just makes me sad.

normally i would give an extremely cheeky response to a message like this, but i will restrain myself. if you read this response, which i surely hope you do, take what i say into serious consideration:

i’m truly sorry you have a thyroid problem you have to deal with your whole life. i understand how incredibly sucky that can be. and i know it can be hard, but don’t let anyone make you feel self conscious about eating in public.

i just responded to another message like this and emphasized that it is the people around you that make you feel a certain way, not this blog. get rid of the negative leeches in your life that make you feel so self conscious.

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