I decided there wasn't enough stuff on the interwebs about fat girl problems. Submit if you feel so inclined.


1. Did you follow me because you think I’m fat?

No…I follow people based on blog content that i enjoy, just like everyone else does…

2. What do you look like?

A manta-ray/panda combination.

3. Do you have a personal blog?

Yes, but my personal blog is vastly different, and I post whatever the fuck I want with no “theme” besides general awesomeness.

  • CLICK.
  • ^^

    4.  This blog is retardballs/lame/not funny.

    Then move along…it’s quite simple, actually. Click “Dashboard” on the upper right hand corner and you will be whisked away to your beloved home page where you hopefully are not forever traumatized by the content of the blog you just witnessed.

    5. “Thanks for the follow <3333 I love you for following me you’re da bestest” etc…

    You are welcome, but no, I will not publish an answer to this nonsense message just so you can promo yourself to all my followers.

    6. Why did you make this blog?

    Sheesh…must I explain myself to you anons?? Basically, I made it for comedic relief from all the bullshit women have to go through everyday because of pressure to lose weight. Love yourselves my sassy girls <3