I decided there wasn't enough stuff on the interwebs about fat girl problems. Submit if you feel so inclined.

bigtornado-deactivated20130425 asked: I adore this blog. seriously. I come here everyday to see if there's new stuff.

well lucky fer yew i post almost every day because there are THAT many problems -____-

torioverrated asked: i sincerely enjoy the fact that you tell skinny bitches off! (: and your blog makes me feel better about being fat!

fuck yeah



Anonymous asked: this... isn't funny at all. I thought this would be something I could relate to, but it's just about eating a ton. I'm overweight because I have hypothyroidism and I can't relate to ANY of these (except the friends running & getting left behind one), even though I'm 50 pounds overweight. People like you make me self conscious to eat in public even if it's not excessive. This really just makes me sad.

normally i would give an extremely cheeky response to a message like this, but i will restrain myself. if you read this response, which i surely hope you do, take what i say into serious consideration:

i’m truly sorry you have a thyroid problem you have to deal with your whole life. i understand how incredibly sucky that can be. and i know it can be hard, but don’t let anyone make you feel self conscious about eating in public.

i just responded to another message like this and emphasized that it is the people around you that make you feel a certain way, not this blog. get rid of the negative leeches in your life that make you feel so self conscious.

Anonymous asked: Hey :) im 15. and i do find your blog amussing; but it hurts sometimes to think of how much i can relate to these posts.

the only thing that should hurt after reading this blog is your stomach from LAUGHING HYSTERICALLLYYY.

but seriously.

don’t let shit get you down. you are young grasshopper, but soon you will learn that the people who make you feel hurt for being a certain way are huge tool-faces because they just want to feel better about themselves. if people didn’t make you feel bad about certain things, than you would be having a jolly old time reading my blog instead of reading it and feeling sad :(

sounds like you need to cleanse some negative folks out of your life, anon

waynefiorelli-deactivated201310 asked: I am a guy who follows. Because, even though I technically have a penis, I am seduced by food much in the way your posts would suggest. I appreciate the work you have done here. It is an honor to follow you.

Also --- I am eating cookies while tumbling while watching TV right now.

well i am honored to have one male follower!

and it sounds like i need to get on your level…i’m only tumbling…i should be tumbling AND have two ice cream cones in hand and be soaking my cankles in bath salts with forrest gump playing in the background.